About Vape24/7

Vape 247 is one of the earliest Vape Shops in Pakistan. We started small, but today we boast one of the most extensive collections of Vapes and E-liquids in Pakistan. We offer our collection through our online store and multiple outlets in DHA and Garden East, Lahore.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people get rid of smoking and switch to a much safer alternative. So far, we have helped thousands of users make the switch & quit smoking for good.

We aim to use superior customer service and unmatchable after-sales to help our customers achieve their goal of a smoke-free lifestyle.

Founder’s Message

Tobacco kills over 163,600 people each year in Pakistan. Almost 31,000 of these deaths are due to exposure to secondhand smoke (source). Our health care system is already overburdened and smoking-related illnesses just add to the burden.

Vaping is new in Pakistan and most smokers do not know much about it. I started Vape 247 with the aim of bringing awareness about vaping in Pakistan. The idea is to inform smokers about the potential health risks associated with tobacco use and how vaping can help.

I place great importance on customer service, and I believe that providing an exceptionally high standard of customer guidance can help us understand the users better. Moreover, this allows us to help our customers make the right decision. We are more than happy to answer each of your questions in great detail. The mission is not to make a sale but to save you and future generations from the toxic tobacco smoke that has been killing humanity for centuries.