The Lightweight, Portable ASPIRE Coils

Aspire pod system replaces conventional vape tanks with prefilled or refillable pods. Aspire vape coils and replacement pods are available at Vape247, which is a fantastic choice for clients who wish to quit smoking but may not be familiar with vaping. Enjoy the greatest vaping experience, regardless of skill level, by selecting a vape device that meets your needs and budget. A safe vaping experience is guaranteed by the TPD compliance of all of our vaping kits.

E-liquids Its Efficacy

Amongst the top vapes brands in Pakistan is Aspire. It seems like some of your older pod kits are becoming worn out and no longer feel the same. It is therefore preferable to swap out your old ones for fresh ones from Vape247. Try our innovative new line of exquisitely designed interchangeable Aspire pod vapes to replace your outdated vape kits. The greatest pod kits and replacement pods in the PK are what we’re prepared to provide you.


Depending on the e-juice you select, certain interchangeable vape kits can operate with vape-liquid ratios of 50:50 or 60:40 PG/VG. Aspire vape pods often work with a wide variety of vaping devices. So browse our PK online vaping store and select your preferred assortment of Aspire vape coils.

Frequently Asked

The TPD-compliant Breeze pod vapes include a refillable reservoir with a capacity of 2 milliliters for e-juice. It also makes use of our U-Tech coils, which guarantee a delicious vape.

With a 3ml capacity and adjustable airflow, the Breeze 2 Aspire Pod may be customized to fit your favorite vaping style. Both cases come with Utech coils. For traditional e-liquid or nicotine salt e-liquid, 6Ω and 1.0Ω work well.

Refillable pods can be used for up to five days by the average user. If you’re unsure whether to replace yours, there are a few indicators that the pods inside are running low.

For heavy users, the typical rule of thumb is three to five days; for less frequent users, it’s once per week or two.