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What is Vaping?

Vaping is a smoking alternative that involves using an electronic cigarette to inhale the vapour. The vapour is produced when the e-liquid is heated in an electronic cigarette. Before the term Vaping became popular, the electronic cigarette was the common term.

How does a Vape work?

A typical Vape has three main components

  • Tank / Pod
  • Mod (with batteries)
  • E-liquid

The E-liquid is filled inside the tank, which contains the coil. The batteries heat the coil, which vaporizes the e-liquid, which the user then inhales.

What are the different vape products?

Popular terms for vaping devices include Vapes, Pods, E-cigarettes,  Juul, vaporizers, vape pens, mods, e-hookah & e-shisha. Different devices have different functions and appearances. Some are small, like a USB stick, while others are large sub-ohm mods with glass tanks.

Is Vaping Legal in Pakistan?

At the time of writing, The sale of e-cigarettes is not regulated in Pakistan. Source

There is no law addressing the use of e-cigarettes in indoor public places, workplaces, and public transport; therefore, the use of e-cigarettes is allowed. Source. Currently, there are more than 100 Online and Outlet based Vape Shops in Pakistan.

What is the Legal age for Vape Purchase in Pakistan?

Although there is no government guidance in Pakistan, sellers enforce the 18+ age policy as part of their social responsibility. Therefore, in practice, you must be 18 years or older to purchase vapes and related supplies such as e-liquids.

How much does Vaping Cost in Pakistan?

Vaping initially began as an expensive alternative to smoking. Things, however, are changing now. With the arrival of cheaper yet more efficient MTL Pod kits, it is much more affordable now to switch to Vaping. Smoking and Vaping are now almost costing the same in terms of money. If you, however, factor in the health cost, then vaping turns out cheaper.

Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking?

Surprisingly, if you plan it right, then vaping is already cheaper than smoking. Let’s find out below.

A heavy smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day will need around 2 x 30ml E-liquids (Nic Salt) bottles per month.

Cost per bottle = Rs. 3000

So total cost OF VAPING per month = Rs. 6000

Cost of a typical pack of cigarettes = Rs. 200

So total cost OF SMOKING per month = Rs. 6000

So as we can see, vaping can cost the same as smoking. If you, however, take health-related costs into account, you are saving money in the long term.

Note: You, however, need to make a one-time investment of buying a vape device. MTL vapes are designed to help smokers quit; they start at Rs. 2999/-

Is Vaping less harmful than smoking?

So far, there is enough evidence to conclude that SMOKING is way more harmful than cigarettes. Many studies in the UK, Australia and Europe have had a similar conclusion. The most considerable harm in cigarettes comes from the smoke containing poisonous chemicals, such as carbon monoxide & tar. On the other hand, Vaping does not involve combustion, so there is no risk of toxic gases.

Can Vaping Help me Quit smoking?

Yes, you can quit smoking with the help of Vaping. Vaping has been the most effective smoking alternative in helping smokers quit.  A recent study funded by the (UK) National Institute of Health Research and Cancer Research UK found that vaping was almost twice as effective as the ‘gold standard’ combination of NRT products in helping smokers quit.

What is in an E-liquid?

Typically, E-liquids contain propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings. Most if not all E-liquids do contain nicotine which helps satisfy the user’s cravings.

Is Passive Vaping Harmful?

Passive Vaping is also called second hand vaping. Most research in this area has concluded that passive vaping has NO identifiable risk to bystanders. However, this does not mean vaping in closed public places is acceptable, as people around you may not be comfortable with the flavour fragrance, or there may be children around, which might leave a negative impact. 

Are Vape Batteries Dangerous?

Vapes use the same lithium-ion batteries found in most electronic devices such as phones and laptops. If charged and maintained correctly, the risk is the same as what you would generally expect from a phone or laptop.

Should I buy Vape E-liquids from my local Pan shop?

We recommend against buying from local pan shops. Many counterfeit vapes and flavours are circulating in Pakistan. Locally fabricated and unregulated supplies mean that they contain low-quality ingredients that release toxic fumes when heated. If you continue using these counterfeit vape e-liquids, you would be putting yourself at risk for severe respiratory illnesses.


Is it Okay to take my Vape and Supplies on a Plane?

You must check with the airline you are flying with. There is no law against carrying vaping products on planes, but the airline may have a policy against it.

Does vaping taste like smoking tobacco?

There are several flavours available for Vaping. If you like the taste of tobacco, there are many tobacco flavours available in the market. You can choose the right nicotine strength to suit your cravings.

How do I choose a Vape that is right for me?

We always recommend starting with simple Pod kits, which you can find here. If you want more guidance, feel free to call us or visit our stores in Karachi.

Do you deliver to my City?

Yes, we offer delivery all over Pakistan.