Tokyo Iced Litchi 60ml

An icy blast of luscious lychees for the perfect sweet and full cold vape experience, just like you were in the arctic zone on a hot summer day.


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Tokyo Iced Litchi 60ml

Tokyo Iced Litchi is a fruity iced tea taste that is light and refreshing, with overtones of pear and sweet litchi. It’s the ideal all-day vape that provides you with a lovely sweet morning and a well-balanced mixture of morning fruits and cooling ice. Tokyo Smoke produces the litchi-flavored Tokyo Iced Litchi Vape. 60ml of Iced Lychee from TOKYO. The flavour is a delightfully uplifting, soothing blend of frozen exotic lychee fruit in a freebase nicotine blend that will tempt the tastesenses.When you inhale Tokyo Iced Lychee, the lychees’ explosively acidic and slightly sour flavours soak your palate and make your mouth water. Thenatural sweetness of this fruit then starts to come through, but it is swiftly followed by some chilly menthol, leaving you with an unbelievably wonderful feelingas you exhale.
We are aware that you desire a straightforward, flavorful vape juice that packs a serious hit. You were specifically designed for Tokyo E-liquids’ Iced Lychee 60ml. For the ideal sweet and satisfying cold vape experience, an ice blast of delicious lychees is used. It seemed as if you were in the arctic on a scorching summer day. The 60ml vape juice contains 3 mg of nicotine. The gorilla-shaped container comes in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 milligrammes.


  • Flavor: Litchi
  • Size: 60 ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg,3mg & 6mg
  • Bottle Type: 60ml chubby Gorilla Bottle

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Note: Do not use with sub-ohm atomizers or other devices. Only use with low-wattage mouth-to-lung devices.


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  • No bad odor at all. E-liquids just has a very pleasant fragrance like fruit-scented perfumes.


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