Vape RTA Tanks

RTA Also known as Rebuildable Tank Atomizer These tanks allows users to rebuild their coils, making them much more cost effective than standard sub ohm tanks. These tanks do not allow for dripping from the top, instead RTA tanks have an impressive juice holding capacity. So you do not have to go through the hassle of dripping over and over.

About RTA tanks

RDAs have a juice well at the bottom of the build deck to hold e-liquid, and the wick tails are placed into the well. Generally, the juice well does not have as much capacity as a tank, so the vaper must continuously add e-juice ever so often, to prevent the wicks from getting dry. The manual nature of wetting the wicks and coils makes RDAs less convenient than a tank, unless they’re set up for and used with a squonk mod. A squonkable RDA can be fed e-juice from a small squeezable bottle located in the mod, accessed through a small window. Squonking is still manual and it’s like dripping, except that it’s much more convenient than having to carry an e-juice bottle separately.

Our range of RTA Tanks

The Vandy Vape Widowmaker 24mm RDA is an innovative rebuildable, resultant of collaborative efforts with El Mono Vapeador, implementing a swappable airflow control ring, quad post build deck, and is squonk-ready functionality. The Vandy Vape Widowmaker Squonk RDA ships with the 15 multihole bored airflow control ring installed but also comes with two additional airflow control rings that can be interchanged to match the vaping style of any user. 

Frequently Asked

The Endura T22E Starter Kit by Innokin, Smok G Priv 4 Starter Kit 230W, and other kits renowned for their dependability and user-friendly features are among the top starter vape kits. These starter kits are ideal for those who want to start vaping.

Vape kits PK are frequently considered less dangerous than conventional cigarettes. Despite certain risks, they do away with the most dangerous substances in combustible tobacco. Smokers must choose wisely according to their health objectives.

A vape kit may be less expensive in the long term than regular cigarettes. While disposables are initially more affordable, reusable kits are more cost-effective over time since you just need to change the coils and e-liquid, lowering continuing costs.

Consider your skill, desired features, and price range when selecting a vaping kit. To guarantee a pleasurable and customised vaping experience, look for quality, usability, battery life, coil compatibility, and e-liquid capacity. To decide wisely, conduct research and read reviews.

Disposable and reusable vapes are the two main types of vapes. Disposable vapes are made to be used only once and are thrown when the e-liquid is finished. On the other hand, reusable vapes are more environmentally friendly because they can be refilled with e-liquid and used repeatedly.

Yes, a vape’s calibre matters a lot to your vaping experience. Better flavour, performance, and safety may all be found in high-quality vapes. For a better vaping experience, spending money on a reputed brand and product is frequently worthwhile.