With RELX Pro and Classic Pod Enjoy the Best Vaping Experience!

Vapers in Pakistan may now enjoy the greatest prefilled replacement pods available at Vape247. These revolutionary pods satisfy a range of personal tastes and offer unparalleled convenience, performance, and flavor. The Classic Pods, which come in packs of three and have a big 2.0ml e-juice capacity (650 puffs per pod), can be used in place of three packs of traditional cigarettes. On the other side, the Pro Pods offer a similarly amazing experience, with 1.9mL of e-liquid and approximately 650 puffs each pod. Both versions feature cutting-edge technology that guarantee a continually enjoyable experience, such as the steady and balanced atomizing of Active-Steam Pro and the negative pressure airway design of Air Boost. Pro pods start at just Rs899 in Pakistan, while classic pods cost only Rs 2,099. Additionally, you can purchase this amazing selection of RELX Disposable Pods online in Pakistan only on Vape247.

Presenting the RELX Vintage Pods

An innovative method that satisfies your nicotine cravings without causing any trouble or fuss. Three premium replacement pods made specifically for the RELX Classic Starter Kit are included in each shipment. These vape pods are the best option for vapers looking for a high-end experience because they strike the optimal mix between performance and ease. The resistance of the heating wire spans from 1 to 1.2 ohms, guaranteeing steady and even production of vapour with each draw.
A satisfying hit is delivered by the maximum 6W output without sacrificing battery life. Note that the RELX Classic Starter Kit is the only device that RELX Classic Pods are compatible with. It is not intended for these pods to be used with other vaping systems or devices.

One RELX Classic Pod, Exceptional Durability and Affordability

For approximately Rs 2,099/-, purchase your gadget online from Vape247 in Pakistan. Three packs of regular cigarettes are equal to suit your preferences, choose between 5% and 2% nicotine strength options. If you’d like, you can also progressively cut back on your nicotine intake. With a huge 2.0ml capacity, each pod offers your Vape pen roughly 650 puffs of e-juice, enough to last you the entire day. Enjoy a contemporary smoking substitute when you use RELX Classic Pods to enhance your vaping experience.

The RELX Pro Pods are Introduced

An inventive vaping option for people who value effectiveness and quality. With these prefilled pods, users may enjoy a seamless and seamless experience that is especially designed for the RELX Infinity and Essential devices. You may enhance your vaping experience by finding the ideal taste from a variety of alluring flavors. With a 3% nicotine concentration, each RELX Pro Replacement Pod offers a pleasant and manageable nicotine hit. With 1.9mL of excellent e-liquid prefilled for your e-cigarette, each pod offers about 650 puffs, so long-lasting satisfaction and convenience are guaranteed. The RELX Pro Pods’ unique leak-resistant maze coil is one of their best features. This cutting-edge technology guarantees steady vapor generation while reducing the possibility of leaks.

Purchase Your Gadget from Vape247 Online in Pakistan

The ergonomic mouthpiece design makes vaping even more enjoyable by making every puff feel pleasant and comfortable. A negative pressure airway design is used by the Air Boost technology to create a richer and smoother vapor. Simultaneously, the Active-Steam Pro guarantees steady and even atomization, resulting in a reliable and fulfilling experience. Sunny Sparkle, Banana Freeze, Blueberry Splash, Dark Sparkle, Exotic Passion, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Golden Slice, Hawaiian, Mellow Melody, Sunset Paradise (Guava ICE), and Orchard Rounds are just a few of the many delectable e-juice flavors that are offered. Experience the ideal blend of style, performance, and flavor with every puff when you switch to the RELX Pro Pods. The starting price is simply Rs. 899.

Frequently Asked

Vape Pods are battery-powered vaping devices that use a pod to hold the e-liquid. A fresh pod can be used in its place whenever the current one runs out of e-juice.

Vape Pods require little attention, making them easy to utilize. The vape pod is simple to use for anyone who knows a bit about vaping.

A vape pod is a gadget that holds both a pod and a battery. A vape pod has a “pod” inside of it instead of a vape tank. The vape coils and e-liquids are kept in a pod.

Compared to other vape kits, vape pods are significantly smaller and lighter. For those who wish to convert from smoking to vaping, they are perfect.

Compared to vape pens, vape mods have bigger batteries that deliver greater power for extended vaping sessions. When it comes to price ranges, box mods are more expensive than vape pens because they have larger vape tanks that can hold more liquid and produce greater clouds of vapour. However, with mod kits, you just need to make one investment that will last for a very long time.

Geekvape Mini Mod Aegis: The Geekvape Aegis Mini Mod is the safest vape mod indicated in the chart. Why? The finest pod mod set has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof design with a one-button power supply.

The greatest mods are those made by Eleaf. You don’t have to trust us when we say that Eleaf’s dedication to quality and inventiveness have made them one of the top vaporizer brands. They consistently demonstrate that vaping doesn’t have to be challenging, risky, or expensive.